Seminar 1: Prof. Alexandra Butterstein about private foundations in Liechtenstein

23 January 2023 at 5.30 p.m. there is the first seminar of the online series on estate planning in Europe. Prof. Alexandra Butterstein will be speaking on private foundations in Liechtenstein via Zoom.

Prof. Alexandra Butterstein, LL.M., is a lecturer at the University of Liechtenstein and also a Dean of Liechtenstein Law School. Her scientific and professional area of expertise includes commercial law, foundations, corporate governance, and succession planning. Our research team, directed by Prof. Konrad Osajda, LL.M., together with the Commercial Law Chair of University of Warsaw, kindly invites everybody to join the seminar, where Prof. Alexandra Butterstein will present a regulation and importance of private foundations in Liechtenstein. She will also answer the questions posed by the participants, whom we kindly encourage to active taking part in the discussion.

The seminar is carried out in English and takes place online on 23rd of January, 2023, at 5.30 p.m. via Zoom. We invite everyone to join the seminar. The participation does not require reservation and is free of charge. The only requirment is to join the Zoom meeting:


Meeting ID: 984 8444 6925

Passcode: 871357

It will be the first from the series of four seminars entitled “Wealth Management: Private Foundations – Comparative Perspective”. Each meeting will be devoted to private foundations in a selected legal system. The seminars will be carried out by outstanding experts, both scholars and legal practitioners, who deal with private foundations in their daily work.

The seminar is funded by the Polish National Science Centre through a grant no. 2021/41/B/HS5/00857.